Chloroform, the second extract from the upcoming album 1/9/84, is out today on streaming platforms and digital stores. Released after “Down with Big Brother”, it further expands the sonic palette of the new album, introducing a wide range of sounds and moods.

The artwork is an original painting by Giuseppe Vallenari (a.k.a. El Matador Alegre).

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Plain with no sign
that this is life
it’s just flashing by 
and disappear again.
Now I’m all alone
and I got no friends to call
on the telephone
(just like yesterday).

Breathe in, something strange.
Breathe out, I sleep all day.
This is not a song,
it’s chloroform.
Well, who cares?

And it’s so lovely
a glimpse of me and you
your red dress in June
I guess we were talking.
Screens spitting out words
but I got nothing to learn
from tv shows
(wasted brains).

Breathe in and fly away.
Breathe out, you know I’d stay.
I am the tornest and dumbest angel
the sky has seen.

This is not a song,
it’s chloroform.
Do you care?