Do not forget lyrics


Those shadows are speaking about me
to those who are supposed to love me,
now I can see that they’re all laughing.

And people, well, they hate me,
they want more of every thing missing
and everything is a mess but Alice.

My cat keeps his tail in the press,
he takes it out only on Sunday
like it was his best dress.
Oh how I’d love to wear your mind,
but that is something you can’t realize.

Wind blows outside my room,
the glow of my winter gloom
keeps stoppin’ me from writing songs.

And so I do
anything you want me to.

(You’re lovely) – but I’m too cold now.
(Breath slowly) – I’m growin’ older.
When will you ask me to tea?
(With a lot of sugar, darling).

My cat keeps…

The ceiling,
the floor,
one useless thought and nothing more.

And so I do
anything you want me to.

And I do.



If you look when you put your head to sleep
there’s a road sign on a hill
it says do not forget
and I sure haven’t!
Lucy was the girl that no-one saw at school
the visionary kind of fool
the stories that she told
they just shook up my mind.
Oh, come on! You can wear your smile, I’ll undress my soul
I won’t even lie, I’ll come undone
and nobody knows where Lucy’s gone.
I just wanna know where Lucy’s gone.

Yeah, she told me of the land where all our dreams
flow and turn the watermills
and then she broke my heart
“I don’t belong to this time” she said
“So I must go or I’ll be sad
just promise me you won’t forget.
There must be something worth
growing old for in life!”
Oh, no! Please, don’t leave me here all alone
I won’t ever make it on my own.
But then Lucy was already gone
no matter what, already gone.

Our critical world made her hysterical
and me I got so cynical
my dreams are all dried up
but I hope that she’s found
a new land where there is no room
for military kind of fools
and mill blades always turn
on and on and on
but no-one really knows where she is
where’s Lucy gone?
Where’s Lucy gone?
Where’s Lucy gone?
Where’s Lucy gone?
Come on, you fools!



Bezebel, Bezebel,
he has two sons,
Bezebel, Bezebel,
he has two sons.
There was no raimbow
in the sky,
there was no raimbow
in the sky.

Jane has no respect for him,
she mocks his broke misery.
He has no life, who cries for him?
His two sweet sons are memories.
He has no wife, who cries for him?
His two good sons are memories.

Bezebel, Bezebel,
I have two sons.
Bezebel, Bezebel,
I have your sons.
The pitiful judge is with me,
you are not so strong to bring them up.

Jane has no respect for me.
She mocks my deep misery.
I’m a discarded jack goodbye
but Sunday morning is goin’ to arrive.
It’s so hard to grow old this way,
but you got youth and lots of days.

But you can grow
you’re so far from the end.



A clang,
a tang,
something to clamp
and a couple of nice clacks.

A thump,
a chug and then
he called his boy
as he left the garage.

In his mind a pedal,
a new carburator
for the bourgeoisie,
while his boy drove the machine.

When the motor-tricycle passed by
everyone was shocked and so surprised,
all the children stared with big big eyes
while their parents’ mouths were open wide.

And I
wrap my head
in a stray
and lazy winter day.

Two lines, a melody,
a slice of lemon
in my cup of tea
and, again, a memory.

All the cats and dogs ran everywhere,
the barber ruined a poor client’s hair
and the baker shop boy, by the square,
threw his basket of bread in the air.
And there was, as usual, someone who crabbed
but a German guy thought it was fab
and the king rushed there just to say “Hi”
and a man looked at his son and smiled.

(I will remember
forever that day,
though I was so far away
and time made rain
on a forgotten lane
pouring rain.
Is it bread that’s raining?)



Once upon a time in the brave west
there were two men,
not much more than two kids lost in their fate,
who lived bringin’ death.
As their legend grew
it was gettin’ harder to change the plan.
And so bang! bang!
Another dead man!
“Tell me Sam when will these cold slaughters end?
Answer, please.” Thomas asked.

But his brother didn’t say a word
and all was so bleak.
Thomas had never done before,
but he shed a tear.
Who knows how they found them that night
when they were just asleep.
And so bang! bang!
now, it’s you the dead men
It seems a smile crossed Thomas’ face
and an angel lost his wings
caught in between
a wasted spring
and a children’s dream.